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Sep 15, 2011 6:00pm EDT
to workboard on the way game. sunday's a 69-year-old motor dame fan says michigan fans gave him cpr, him a call got after -- he is now in good condition. thinks the michigan fans he thankslife and them. game broke his heart. the wolverines beat the irish there. >> but it's a >>> time is running out to enter the great grocery give away. on our facebook page. a 700 this card to safelight. to safeway. card we will announce it at 5:00. let's -- >>> let's share this video we've possible tornado or water spout. the 75thme damage on of ocean city. you can see the video at view the whole thing and y from the people who shot it. the rain is slowly ending. be clearing and cooled morning, in the low '40's and '50's. then a stretch of fall-like weather into the weekend. >> we can handle that. weather into the weekend. >> welook, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of theiggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 ye
Sep 5, 2011 6:00pm EDT
the tea party will have on all of this. >> in michigan today, it was a call for more. in new hampshire a glaring contrast. though the battle for the white house, even among those who have not officially jumped in the rain, but centered not just on jobs but also catering to the tea party. >> and now we are seeing more and more folks realize the strength of -- the strength of this grassroots movement. >> the tea party has at its center court a belief that government is too big. sound familiar? >> the target was anything status quo. >> it is going to take a different kind of leadership. he is the most effective food stamp president in the history of the country. >> and they have plenty of ammunition with no new jobs created. >> i think we are in much bigger trouble than a lot of people realize. >> perhaps leeling, but still able to rally -- perhaps reeling, but still able to rally, president obama -- >> now is the time for them to worry about your job. >> and just as the president will outline a way to create jobs this week, mitt romney says he will unveil his own plan this week. of cour
Sep 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
drop, cooler at this hour in upper michigan and the upper peninsula. 15 degrees cooler than it was in chicago at this time. that is that push ahead of the cold front. you can feel it. 104 degrees in dallas. officially now, they have had the most number of 100-degree days since they have been keeping records. they will get relief from the score air, and we will feel it, as well. you will feel temperatures tumble rather consistently through the weekend, high pressure for us, and that high pressure driving cold fronts. first, tomorrow, a few isolated thundershowers in the afternoon. another chance on thursday with cooler temperatures, and then skies will start to clear on friday as the center starts to move in. it will be cooler and drier and will feel like fall. checking out our express coming here is what we have for you tomorrow. high temperatures expected 87, a 30% chance of showers in the afternoon, and then we will take it up on thursday to 40%. only in the upper 60's with some sunshine developing friday and it will be cool of the weekend with temperatures in the low to m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3